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fingering charts, tips, warm-ups, scales, sheet music
fingering charts, tips, warm-ups, scales, sheet music
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Norlan Bewley, Low Brass Artist (trombone, euphonium, tuba), is a new breed of brass player specializing in performance on all of the low brass instruments. For the past twenty years he has had extensive experience teaching, performing on, and composing for low brass, developing an unparalled perspective, insight, and approach toward these instruments. Through years of private teaching and performance, he has developed direct and effective methods of instruction that address the most basic and difficult areas of low brass playing in a manner clear to all, from beginners to professionals. A champion of the instruments, he is dedicated to the improvement, advancement, and increase of opportunities for every aspect of low brass education and performance.

online music storeNorlan is the founder and principal composer/arranger for UPBEAT BRASS. A former student and longtime professional colleague of Harvey Phillips, he serves as Associate Director of Harvey Phillips’ tuba ensembles and projects, including TUBACHRISTMAS, TUBASANTAS, the TUBACOMPANY, and the TUBASHOP QUARTET. As much in demand for his writing as he is for his playing, Norlan composes and arranges virtually all of the music performed by these ensembles. He also has his own publishing company, BEWLEY MUSIC, which specializes in music for low brass. In 1992, he edited the volume 2 edition of the "Carols For A Merry TubaChristmas" music book, adding several of his own arrangements to the original collection of arrangements by noted composer Alec Wilder. He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for music composition in 2005.

video music lessonsIn 1978 he was awarded scholarships to study with his mentor Harvey Phillips at the Indiana University School of Music. While there he won numerous chamber music competitions with TOP BRASS, and toured with Henry Mancini, Mel Torme, Doc Severinsen, and the Indianapolis Symphony. Before founding UPBEAT BRASS, Norlan toured with TOP BRASS after graduating from I.U., presenting more than 1000 professional performances with that ensemble over the past 20 years. His work as a performer, composer, and educator has been supported by The National Endowment for the Arts, The Ohio Arts Council, The American Music Center, Culture Works, The Mead Foundation, NCR Corporation, LexisNexis, The Harvey Phillips Foundation, Reynolds and Reynolds, and many other organizations. He is a clinician for the Bach, Holton, and Martin brands of the Conn-Selmer Corporation, and is represented by Joanne Rile Artists Management.

Norlan is also very devoted to Music Education, promoting low brass performance through music publishing, master classes, clinics, residencies, and his large private teaching studio in the Dayton and Cincinnati area.

His teachers include Harvey Phillips, Michael Lind, Keith Brown, Rich Matteson, Ashley Alexander, Tom Jenkins, Louis Davidson, and David Baker.

Norlan Bewley plays the "Harvey Phillips" Model Holton TU-331 tuba, the Bach LT6, LT8G, LT12G, LT16M, LT36BOG, 39 Alto, LT42, LT42G, LT42BO, LT42BOG, trombones, the LT50B3O, bass trombone, the "Urbie Green" Model Martin TR-4501 trombone, the Holton TR-160 trombone, the Besson 968S and Holton B490RS euphoniums.

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